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Who is Ryan J. Hoffman?

Ryan J. Hoffman is a licensed real estate broker based out of Latham, NY. Since 2012, Ryan has quietly represented over $13.5 million dollars of real estate sales volume in the Capital Region.

Ryan has worked independently for his entire seven year career, where other brokers hire agents to perpetuate their own brand, Ryan’s transactions are a result of personal relationships and referrals, where his clients are working directly with him, as opposed to a team of agents landing deals for his benefit.

Ryan’s most positive traits have also become somewhat of a downfall for him. In an industry filled with ego based advertising and marketing, Ryan has abstained from the typical Realtor behavior and instead has concentrated on serving his clients through the process, and long after the transaction has closed.

This may be one of the reasons why most have never heard of Ryan. Instead of forcing his personal brand onto the public, Ryan concentrates his efforts catering to his buying and selling clients, analyzing the local real estate market data, and evolving his business to meet the needs of his clients, in this ever changing real estate climate.

This has led to Ryan gaining a reputation as an honest, straight-forward, no BS guy, who runs on integrity and winning his clients trust. In this low reputation industry, many have found Ryan to be a refreshing change in an industry full of self-serving agents.

Ryan is the first, and possibly only, local broker who has been able to index the local real estate market, revealing where supply and demand lies, similar to that of the U.S. Stock Exchange.

Ryan operates his business out of his office on Troy Schenectady Road in Latham, NY.  His most current endeavor is not only helping his select clients by referral, but also concentrating his efforts on the immediate Latham, NY market, where home sellers are being undersold, by agents whom under price their home for a quick profit.

Why Latham?

Latham, NY and the North Colonie School District, boasts some of the highest home buyer demand in our Capital Region, yet home sellers are not getting the most money from the sale as they could.

Ryan believes that he can best serve consumers in the immediate area of his office in Latham. However, Ryan has sold homes across the four main counties of the Capital Region.

If you’d like a make an informed decision with your next real estate goal, be sure to reach out to Ryan today.


Ryan’s Background


Ryan hails from the Troy, and Averill Park areas and his family tree consists of relatives rooted in Lansingburgh, Troy, and Watervliet.

In the early 1990’s, Ryan’s parents moved the family to Averill Park, in a effort to escape the hectic city life. He graduated from Averill Park High School in 1999.

Ryan is the son of a retired Union Pipefitter and Registered Nurse. His values stem from his parents firm beliefs in hard work, ethics, honesty and more. Ryan was encouraged to pursue a career that brought about happiness as opposed to just financial gain.

Ryan received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 2006. His background in design, website development, video production and photography, led him to offering services to real estate practitioners, as a way to better market their services and inventory of listings.

Ryan soon learned that most of his Realtor clients were reluctant to spend money on marketing and advertising, so he decided to obtain a real estate license to better serve consumers. This is how Ryan began his career in real estate.

Ryan was immediately turned off by the standard industry practices of salesmanship, harassing and spamming the public, and the encouragement of ego based advertising just to win business.

Ryan instead focused on learning the market through statistical analysis, and representing home sellers, fighting to get them the most money, by way of professional media and advertising.

Ryan’s reputation grew as most buyers and sellers quickly learned that Ryan was a transparent, authentic everyday person, who strives on doing the best he can for his clients.

Ryan’s passions include entrepreneurship and creativity. He is a student of marketing, advertising, photography, writing, sports, and more. He uses his growing knowledge to better serve home buyers and sellers in the Capital Region.


Ryan’s Book


In 2017, Ryan self-published his book pertaining to the Capital Region’s real estate market.  While the book is geared towards home sellers and pricing a property for maximum profit, the in-depth statistical analysis and explanation of key factors that are responsible for a home sale, can also help home buyers be prepared in a competitive marketplace.

It took Ryan 6 months to write and edit this free book that he simply wanted to use as a way to convey his blueprint for selling a home to his home selling clients.

If you’d like a copy of this book, Ryan will be happy to send you a copy free of charge. Ryan’s book can also be found at the Latham, Market 32 (Price Chopper) store, near the self checkout isles.

Ryan’s Brokerage Firm



Ryan owns and operates Leverage Real Estate LLC. Leverage Real Estate is built on a common sense and a logical approach to real estate. 

Ryan’s goal is to empower buyers and sellers with concrete data pertaining to the local housing market. Understanding a clients positioning within the marketplace can help them achieve their real estate goal.

Ryan also has a team of agents who use the Leverage umbrella to work as individuals and earn a living in the real estate industry, as opposed to working under a brokers personal brand. Leverage agents earn the money they deserve, which allows them to better serve their clients needs over their own. 

Visit Leverage Real Estate today: https://leverageny.com

SELLERS: FREE BOOK on home pricing

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